Garment Care

It is important to note that taking proper care of your Inner Dragon Active Apparel, will only increase the longevity of your outfits quality and use.

We recommend all your active apparel be washed with cold water and a low amount of mild liquid detergent. It is highly advised to wash your garments inside out, and separate from other clothing types. Always keep your dark colors with other dark clothing, and the light clothing with light colors.


WASH SEPERATELY: Delicate setting is highly recommended, or place garment in laundry zippered wash bag. Quick wash cycle.


DRYING: Always air-dry (NO dryer use). This method is recommended for all active apparel, and to avoid size shrinking, and/or potential damage to logo. Air dry is recommended by laying flat on clean surface away from other colored clothing. Our active apparel are fast drying and dry wrinkle-free.


IRONING: Please try to avoid any type of ironing.